Life, as we know it.

What are the forces that control your mind? My thoughts – Just you.

Our mind is the single strongest and personal possession we have in our lives. What we are, our personality, our thoughts, our ideas, our living is controlled by our minds. That being said there always will exist different kinds of forces that influence your mind. Those that reinforce you, make you stronger and counter forces that will try to prove your existence as invalid. My life has, well, for the most part struggled with manoeuvring my way through the negative influences around me. And here is what I learned.

If you are unconventional, the conventional ways of this world will never convene with your mind. This has very well been established in the human world.

My mind works, round the clock, things I can comprehend and things I cannot. But I wouldn’t want to stop myself from keeping the machine running. Why should I when I have the power to explore every dimension of my brain, answer every question on my own, figure things our on my own, ponder over my own thoughts. And because we are human, we sometimes share these thoughts with people close to us, mostly out of excitement. [Enter] Negative forces.

How important are these forces? Well, my experience has been pretty engaging since all my life I have pretty much spent most of my time dealing with these forces. They are people who belong to me. My dearest people. Those who claimed to know me from the time I entered this world or those who have spent considerable amount of time with me and think they can own my decision making process.

But here’s the thing you need to know, they don’t know that you have evolved. Change is something that needs to be dealt with smartly. When we grow, we evolve, rapidly. We are no longer who we were. As I type this, I know, I was not who I was about even a year ago. So, if you have kept up with the changed you that is enough and more than required to live. Your pace of development will not be understood or approved by anybody and believe me, approval is the last thing you need.

There have been times when I have sat down to explain my thoughts to the people around me and they would react, ‘are you out of your mind?!’ or ‘this is not what I expected from you’ and I’ve heard worse! With time however, I realised that writing out long emails or letters to explain all that you cannot through a conversation will not help serve the purpose either. The greater purpose – you have to move on with your life, no matter what. Your closest people have developed an attachment to you which makes them advocate you or disapprove your ideas. Mostly out of concern.

If you have considered the pros and cons of moving on with your thoughts and ideas and you know the risks involved and you still want to go ahead, that is when you need push through these counter acting forces. You know what is best for you. Yes, as they say, you may fall, but you will rise. You may stagger but you will figure it out. Because you own your mind. And nothing will stop you from achieving your goal if you take control of your own mind.

This article has been a long overdue. What I just shared with you has been my struggle for the past 5 years. Like I said earlier, I have been dealing with the negative forces for the most part of my life. And not so long ago, I put down my feet and said ‘enough’. Of course, I had the withdrawals and the self-denial breakdowns because it was a big step to shield myself from the closest negative forces I have in my life. But here I am, welcoming the positive energy I need to make my mind run. Open to learn, open to adapt and open to educate. [Enter] The Positive forces.


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