Sing to the world: I am strong

I stand by the sea, alone, on a breezy day and I sing, I am strong.

You feel the weakest when you lose yourself. Having been through the worst in life puts you in a bottle with a stopper sucked in with all the vacuum. You can imagine this space – nothing moving around you, nobody around you. It sucks. Believe me, it does.

Our mind speaks with experience only. And so, you feel like this is the end. That you will never be able to get out of that bottle. This is not true. Again, believe me, it’s not.

The bottle is just one of the many rat traps we get stuck with in life. Like all those times you have found yourself hit a dead end and you have found a way out, this too shall pass. There is nothing stronger than your mind to get you back up. You have the power to sing your way out of the situation. To sing your mind louder than you thought you could and shatter those boundaries into pieces. To concentrate all that energy within you into a singularity. To blast your way out of those shackles and free yourself from your own chains. To rid yourself from the rigid conventional ways of this world. To accept your life and recognise your own strength.

There is no one stronger than you. There is nothing stronger than your own mind.



This is where I begin

At first I thought I need to be really good at this. But then I realised that may be it’s not about how well you write but how expressive your mind is. When my sister started blogging, at first I did not read any of her posts. Let’s just say I did not find the time to :). But when I finally sat down to read them, all I could see was her mind and soul poured all over the place. This intrigued me. And I thought to myself that when I finally find the time and space to do it, I will write. And here I am. Right at the starting point, taking deep breaths, as I embark on a journey to rediscover myself.

As selfish as it may sound, I think I want to write because I want to hear myself. It’s been on my mind for some days now. Post marriage, something suddenly starts to change you. Well this change could also have been triggered by the tearing hours of job hunting, mundane hours of cleaning and engaging hours of cooking (all of the above is when you get married to someone living in another country for whom you have left everything behind, of course). With all the time at hand, it’s almost unavoidable for all those thoughts to cross your mind. It’s not like you can shut them away now, can you? So, last night, when my mind simply wandered away on one of its regular holidays I thought to myself, why not bring all of this together. Collate all my thoughts. Make them coherent. May be they mean something. Or may be not…?